ūüĎč Below is a quick overview describing my investing process and criteria.

TL;DR: I love supporting founders with big visions and I typically add value by helping teams navigate the idea maze, raise capital and set up operations for scalable growth.
I created this page to try and increase transparency into my personal investing ethos and to clearly spell out the types of opportunities I do -- and do not -- invest in.

I'm fortunate to receive a lot of great inbound pitches and unfortunately cannot respond to every pitch or request I receive. The best way to reach me is always through a warm introduction.
My investment Criteria
  • I only invest in the first round a company raises.
  • I only invest in U.S. C-Corps. The team needs at least one technical founder and some quantifiable traction.
  • I do not invest in: crypto, eSports/gaming, betting, hardware/IoT, cannabis, biotech, (most) D2C + (most) travel/lifetsyle opportunities.
  • Areas I love: B2B SaaS, fintech proptech, dev tools, marketplaces and consumer health/wellness.
What You Can Expect
  • I write small, direct checks but can also lead syndicates and/or SPVs. I often invest with a group of friends who are all current or former founders.
  • While I write small checks ($10-25k), I try to deliver outsized value: I have helped multiple companies find leads and raise $1m+ from VCs and syndicates.
  • I normally need to see some "signal": i.e., revenue or usage traction, a lead investor, or some other reason to believe. ~80% of my investments are from within a degree of separation, or where I know the founder(s) personally. If you are reaching out cold, it's unlikely I'll invest.
  • Post investment, I like to be as involved as founder(s) will allow: I have regular check-ins with many of the companies I¬†invest in -- and sometimes will also take an advisory role.
  • If I don't quickly get back to you after a pitch the hard truth is that I am likely a no ‚ÄĒ for now. The best way to move me to a yes is to create urgency: send me email updates on new developments, especially around traction.
Why me?
Multi-Time Founder
I have been in the trenches several times as a founder. Starting with zero connection to the startup world, I went on to raise VC (small exit on my first company) and then bootstrap my second company to a solid run of eight-figure revenue years.
Large, Connected Network
I got into startups in 2005 after an internship at AOL. I have been a founder, EIR, angel, Limited Partner and currently run two communities of top angel investors across the globe. I'm the Program Director for On Deck's Angel Fellowship (ODA) and the co-founder of Intangible Angel. I pride myself on my network and consider it my #1 asset.
Growing up my father was a minister and Mom a social worker. In my family EQ meant more than IQ. I truly believe empathy is underrated trait for founders; the best operators I know have EQ as their secret weapon.
Passion for Startups
I love being around startups and founders. I started writing a blog on startups in 2005 and have been in the space since. I'm definitely not an angel-tourist. Investing is something I do in my spare time because I love it.
Track Record & References
I have now invested in over 30 deals ranging from individual companies to venture funds. I'm happy to put you in touch with founders who can speak to my character and ability to add value outside of simply writing a check.

Operational Skills
I'm a former founder and COO who has helped scale multiple companies, both as a full-time employee and as an advisor.

can put you in touch with multiple founders (or other investors) who will co-sign.
Next Steps
If the above has not scared you off yet and you think we'd be a good mutual fit, please email me:

-Company details, including deck and/or demo
-Details of your round
-Traction highlights

Select Personal Investments
To pitch me, a warm intro is best, but you can also submit info here.
If you'd like to invest in the same deals I do, please join the Intangible Syndicate.
Personal Projects & Affiliations
Intangible Angel

Intangible Angel provides community, networking deal flow for the world's top operator angels.

if you're an active, accredited angel investor, apply here to join us.
Leveraging Ideas

I started the blog Leveraging Ideas in 2005 to chronicle my personal experiences as a startup founder. I've been quoted in numerous publications.

Eat.ly was an app designed for mindful eating. I started it with friends from Foursquare. Eat.ly eventually acquired by Open Table/Foodspotting
Johns Hopkins Business School
I am the Board Chair for the Dean's Alumni Advisory Board at Carey Business School. I also have served two terms on the JHU Alumni Council.